How to write a SUPER EFFECTIVE Facebook Advertisement

Great Ad Copy Example

Part 1 – Writing your post.

The image explains most of this part, lead in with a question, followed by a promotion, optionally showing scarcity or a limited amount.
Next step is super important and I see so many people miss then. INCLUDE A CALL TO ACTION. You would not believe how many ads I see that don’t have a direct link telling me to buy their product. It’s horrendous.


Part 2 – Image or video?

I’ve always had better engagement and conversions when using a video. Images just don’t get the same results. The issue is, making a good video could be hard. Luckily a few months ago I found a solution.
I tested an ad where instead of showing off my product, I hired somebody on Fiverr for $5 to make me a video explaining it’s features. –> <– I believe it’s due to the curiosity, but running that video in a Facebook advertisement always worked for me, and probably will work for you too.


Part 3 – The details

Brand New Ad:
-If over $3.00 CPC = PAUSE
-If less than 2x ROAS = PAUSE (ROAS = Return On Ad Spend)
-If $20.00 CPM = PAUSE
-If less than 2% CTR = PAUSE
-If $15 spend, no sale = PAUSE
-If 2x ROAS or Greater for past 7 days average = keep it running
2-3 bad days = try to pause and see what’s not working
Not really much to explain there, just some tips for when you start running your advertisement and want to manage costs.

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