Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Tyler Smith and I’ve been dropshipping for quite a while and made myself a bit of coin, mostly for beer money. After my success in this field, I’ve decided to expand help others out with their journey.

In this blog you’ll be able to find
  • Comparisons between existing services such as Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Guides and tutorials related to setting up, running, and managing a dropshipping store.
  • General tips and tricks to help improve profit, conversion ratio and user experience.

I was lucky enough for my first Shopify + AliExpress store to be a huge success. I was making much more than I expected but, and was only able to keep up with the insane amount of orders with help from Oberlo.

My goals is to get your Shopify payouts looking as juicy as mine. Here’s my payout for earlier this week. Not only is that ignoring PayPal transactions (which account for roughly 60% of my transaction), that cost me about $80 dollars of product.

Payout for the 22nd of April, two hundred sixty three and a half dollars.
Payout for the 22nd of April, two hundred sixty three and a half dollars.

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