Fiverr | The best marketplace for SEO and Marketing

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Fiverr, The best marketplace for SEO and Marketing

I’ve been using Fiverr for maybe 2 months or so now. I’ve purchased back-links, videos, voice-overs, logos and other random things. While I’ve had one or two gigs that didn’t meet my expectations, the majority of what I’ve seen has been great quality content.

Fiverr works by allowing users to sell ‘Gigs’. These ‘Gigs’ could be anything from website traffic to a video of a man in a costume reading your script. Fiverr’s SEO marketplace is probably my favourite, even beating SEOClerks due to the guarantees and safety of Fiverr.

One of my favourite gigs on Fiverr is animated whiteboard videos. I’m not sure why, but advertisements on Facebook using these type of videos seem to get a much higher engagement, leading me to WAY more sales. I highly checking them out. Below is an example.

Example whiteboard video
Example whiteboard video

If you’re looking to save some time, you can also pay somebody to set up your store. Many sellers offer Shopify or WooCommerce customisation.

While Fiverr’s strong point is offering a great place to all sellers, as a buyer you are guaranteed satisfaction on this website. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap yet effective purchase.


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