How to find an AMAZING niche! – View all Shopify stores

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Are you having trouble finding a niche for your new dropshipping store?

Trying to find a new niche can be quite the daunting challenge. There’s risk involved, do you try something new and risky or enter a saturated market competing against thousands of competitors. Unfortunately, I found this website AFTER I made my store and chose my niche, so this useful website did nothing for me, but I’m sure it can help you. This find every single store running on Shopify’s hosting and displays it for you to look at. You can browse through all the stores and potentially find inspiration for something you might like to recreate. Picking a niche for a Shopify dropshipping store has never been so easy. I would also recommend looking at the BEST TOOLS for dropshippers after you have found a niche!

Let me know in the comments if you have used this website to find a niche, I’d love to hear some feedback.

2 thoughts on “How to find an AMAZING niche! – View all Shopify stores

  1. anon Reply

    what’s up? I stopped by and signed up for your newsletter after seeing your post on /biz. Thanks for the tips anon, I am going to do this and find my own niche!

    • Tyler Smith Post authorReply

      Cheers Anon! Really like hearing that. Hope you have great success with your store!

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