Review Contacted me and asked for a fair review of their site


Beanies are a solid idea. Thanks to the globe shape of the world, there will always be people in the cold.
While some may think that limiting the stores target audience is a bad idea, I think it’s pretty smart.
This allows for Beanie-World to run marketing campaigns targeting certain seasons, for example, 25% off with coupon code PREPAREFORWINTER. Obviously that isn’t a great example but with proper marketing it could work really well



It looks much better on a mobile phone then it does on a desktop browser. Mobile optimisation for eCommerce is a smart move, but you want it to look nice on a laptop or desktop too. It very obviously uses a standard Shopify theme so I’d recommend investing into a nice paid theme to boost your conversion ratio! I’ll be doing a post on paid themes soon.



For dropshipped products, the prices are quite fair once you apply one of the many discount codes available (use DROPSHIPTIPS for 10% off – I don’t get any commission from this, they just wanted to offer the discount to my readers) and factor in free shipping. I’d assume shipping wait times could be 20ish days though.


This site is a great example of a basic dropshipping site that I recommend all users to check out. Maybe even score yourself a beanie while you’re there if you want.


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